Such a person becomes very nervous and irritable for no reason. His physical health begins to deteriorate; he sleeps poorly and may even develop chronic insomnia. His appetite worsens, and his digestion deteriorates. This dependence directly affects the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, so patients often begin to suffer from heart pain and vascular dystonia.

Concerning mental health, then gambling addiction can develop into chronic depression or cause psychosis. Panic and unreasonable fear appear when there is no opportunity to play, and also if a person is deeply in debt and there is no way to pay them off. Often, there is a desire to commit suicide. These are the negative consequences that haunt those who were unable to stop in time and fell under the influence of a terrible disease -gambling addiction.

Stages of gambling addiction (ludomania)

Experts have identified two stages, which turn into one another if intensive treatment is not started in time.

The first stage, which can last up to two years, is called sub compensation. At this stage, a person can give up gaming and get rid of the initial stage of a painful addiction. If this happens, then often there is no need for intervention from doctors.

If not, then this stage gains momentum and moves into the second – the stage of decompensation. That is, this disease becomes stable in a person’s life and changes his consciousness. At this stage, it is necessary to treat and help real specialists since it is almost impossible to get rid of addiction on your own. At different stages, there is a time when the patient can independently give up gaming for a short time, but this does not mean complete recovery and freedom from addiction.

Exit from society

A person who falls into the trap of gambling addiction becomes an outcast from society. Everything that interested him before – his hobbies, career, work, family obligations, friendship and communication – all fade into the background or even become unnecessary and uninteresting for him. He has no desire to communicate with anyone, make acquaintances, or even go out in public. There is a complete decomposition of a person as an individual, and his detachment from society has a negative impact on the fact that he ceases to care about his appearance. A person sinks to the level of a homeless person or a drug addict. That’s why gambling addiction is truly a disease which needs to be treated.

Life of healthy people next to gambling addicts

It often happens that entirely healthy people who are close to people with an addiction begin to experience similar symptoms of the disease. They develop a tendency towards depression and cause headaches. This is the definition of so-called codependency. And all because in the family, all efforts are aimed at helping the patient, to bring him into society, to help him get rid of his gambling addiction on his own. But more often than not, such efforts fail. Family members also temporarily withdraw from society and cease to be interested in what is happening around them. This is all because a loved one needs urgent help, but they don’t know what else can be done for him since nothing works. Therefore, it is often necessary to carry out rehabilitation for the entire family of a gambling addict in order to restore an average living climate and return people to everyday human life.

Rehabilitation Center “Respect”

Any person who has fallen under the dangerous influence of gambling addiction needs treatment and rehabilitation. It is best if the family itself takes care that the loved one can start treatment. Because, as a rule, a gambling addict cannot adequately assess the situation and his deplorable situation. IN rehabilitation Centre “Respect “assists such people at the highest level so that a person can not only return to his family and society, regain a standard understanding of the world and become a full member of society, but also so that a protracted illness does not return and take deeper roots in his consciousness. The best thing is to work with these specialists and psychologists, who can help you stop and start living your whole life.

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